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9 week Intensive Online Course (2 hours/week)
Cost: $950 (payable via Paypal or by check)
Dates/Times: Monday nights, Oct. 1 through Nov. 26, 2018 8-10 PM ET
(If interested, please email

This new type of remote viewing is unlike any other type of remote viewing (RV) training.  RV is traditionally defined as the ability to perceive things beyond ordinary distance and time barriers.  Nancy refers to RV as "clairvoyance with protocols."  The CIA, DIA, and various military branches have used RV for intelligence purposes since it was first created for the CIA in 1973 by psychic Ingo Swann and two laser physicists at the Stanford Research Institute. Nancy, who is trained in military-style Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV), Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) and Extended Remote Viewing (ERV), spent years developing this new type of RV she calls "TSP."  

  • TSP is unlike any other RV method developed since the inception of CRV.  
  • TSP utilizes different protocols, different skills, different types of feedback and a different scoring system for judging accuracy.  
  • TSP is intended for viewers who need to give their clients immediate and concrete answers to remote viewing questions.  
  • Regardless of whether you have trained in a different style of RV or never trained at all in RV, you will find this course unique and useful, and it will improve your existing skills.

The class is offered online and is thus available to students worldwide. Be advised - this is an intensive course!  It requires 2 hours of class time per week for 9 weeks.  There are reading and homework requirements.  A certificate of completion is offered for all students who successfully attend all classes and perform all homework.  

Here are some reviews of her course by previous TSP students:

“This was a wonderful course – thank you so much! We were the very fortunate recipients of your great wealth of information, years of experience, and generosity of time and attention – not to mention your coup in acquiring an operational case for us.  As a student I really appreciated – and feel I truly benefited from – the close interaction, supervision, and constant feedback our small group provided.  The TSP system provides you with immediate and sustained feedback, enabling you to objectively measure and improve your skills and accuracy in a straightforward and progressive manner – it builds confidence and is a lot of fun too.  I highly recommend it!”
“Nancy’s TSP Remote Viewing Course is a well-crafted course that has taught me to trust and systematically verify and develop a variety of my TSP skills, and her well-intentioned method and style of teaching helps students comfortably discover skills they may not have known that they had available to them.”
Roberto Martocci
“I want to let you know that participating in your class has been an amazing time and experience for me.  I feel somehow that to learn from you and to be able to understand even a fraction of a lifetime of deeply devoted study and its application is such an honor. […] I would like to thank you deeply for the generosity of your time that you put into this class.  I felt so overwhelmed by the breadth of what we were doing and its unfamiliarity that I struggled with your instructions as well.  I was so terrified of trying to get ‘psychic information’ that I did not even comprehend your instructions for homework.  This has been terrifying and life changing.  But in ‘life changing’ – I mean it will last a lifetime.  I look forward to your next class and being involved in advanced study with you!”
Holly Worley
“I found the class to be invaluable.  It was amazing to see that, if I tune in, the information that I receive is very accurate.  It was a reminder that we all have the ability to see across time and space.  During the Skype classes, all my questions were answered and examples given, as needed.  The interaction with the instructor and the other students, at the same time, enabled me to learn receiving techniques that were not natural to me.  The class provided a safe place to share all information received, no matter how crazy it appeared.  I now have the structure, and steps to know how to effectively find answers for myself and others.  With continued exercises, I am confident that I will continue to fine-tune my abilities.  The paperwork, provided with the course, makes it easy to follow the necessary steps and to gage accuracy in subsequent readings.  I am excited to go forward with these new skills.”
Annie Feinstein

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